Periodontal Disease Connected to Increased Cancer Risk: Comfortable Care Dentistry, Milford, CTWant to Reduce Your Cancer Risk? Take Care of Your Gums
Those with unhealthy gums may fear tooth loss. But unfortunately, there are other risks, too. Comfortable Care Dentistry in Milford, CT offers non-surgical periodontal treatments that can help you take care of your gums and lower your risk of systemic link illnesses, such as Cancer, hypertension, heart disease, and other risks.

Gum Disease and Cancer

Studies have linked gum disease to an increase in Cancer. Blood, kidney, and pancreatic cancers were more prevalent in cases of gum disease. Gum disease, at an advanced state, is believed to cause other diseases due to bacteria entering the bloodstream. While the exact connection is not yet known, most dental professionals as well as oncologists would recommend that due to the apparent risk increase, it makes good sense to be as proactive about gum health as possible.

Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatments in Milford, CT

There are a variety of treatment options for those with moderate to severe gum disease. Dr. Kostrzewski at Comfortable Care Dentistry can assess your gums to help you determine whether or not you are a good candidate for services offered at Comfortable Care Dentistry.

When did You Last Check Your Gum Health?

Should you receive gum disease screening? If you regularly see your dentist, chances are that he or she is also assessing the health of your gums when looking at your teeth for cavities. Your dentist can help you proactively manage your gum health. Watch for any symptoms of gum disease (gums that bleed, bad breath or bad taste in the mouth, loose teeth, red or swollen gums) and practice good oral health habits and you can lower your risk of tooth loss due to advanced periodontal disease as well as lower your risk of systemic diseases from gum disease, as well. Lowering your risk of Cancer, Heart Disease, risk of Diabetes and /or Diabetes complications and other dangerous diseases is something most adults strive to do and by taking good care of your oral health you’re doing good things for lowering your risk of disease as well as doing great things for your smile.

Benefit from Working with Dr. Kostrzewski

Dr. K and his team practice non-surgical periodontal treatments as well as general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. Make an appointment today by calling 203-951-3153 to discuss your oral health issues and concerns.