Are ClearCorrect™ invisible braces right for you? Milford dentist, Dr. Kostrzewski gives you the 411!
If you need to straighten your teeth but are afraid you’ll have to endure the pain of metal braces with their wires, brackets and poor look, ClearCorrect™ invisible braces can definitely be for you. At Comfortable Care Dentistry in Milford, Connecticut, our cosmetic dentists can straighten your teeth by placing and replacing aligners as you go through the ClearCorrect™ clear braces treatment.

A great way to start is to first make a dentist appointment at Comfortable Care Dentistry so we can verify if your teeth are misaligned. If we know we can give you a better smile, straighten your teeth and make your mouth flawless, then we’ll offer our clear aligner treatment. The ClearCorrect™ clear braces won’t affect your lifestyle, as you’ll be able to work efficiently, eat comfortably, brush and floss when you choose to because you can take off the invisible aligners whenever.

ClearCorrect ™invisible aligners are affordable

Dr. Kostrzewski believes everyone has a right to feel confident and live life to the fullest, be it in social situations or career-related. That’s why Comfortable Care Dentistry in Milford, Connecticut offers ClearCorrect™ clear aligner braces at an affordable price, even with the option of a payment plan. Plus, cleaning your invisible braces won’t bump up the cost, because there’s no extra fee for caring for the clear aligners.

ClearCorrect invisible aligners follow-up

After your first set of aligners, you can expect a few more follow-up appointments so your dentist can verify the progress and give you the next set of clear aligners. At Comfortable Care Dentistry in Milford, Connecticut, these follow-up dentist appointments are very short and work around your busy schedule. The straighter your teeth get, and you become more comfortable with the clear aligners, you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried ClearCorrect™ earlier.

Want a free ClearCorrect™ invisible braces consultation?

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