Full Mouth

Full Mouth Reconstruction by Comfortable Care Dentistry
A full mouth reconstruction, also known as full mouth rejuvenation, full mouth rehabilitation, or a full mouth restoration is a complex restorative procedure designed to completely redesign one’s smile for function and esthetics. A full mouth reconstruction may involve various restorative or cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental implants, TMJ therapy, crowns, bridgework, fillings or other various procedures depending on your needs. As there is much involved with a full mouth restoration, patients who are considering such a treatment should consider sedation dentistry to maintain a calm, relaxed state throughout the various dental procedures.

Often times a full mouth reconstruction can be completed in just a few visits because of the benefits of sedation dentistry. In addition to the functional benefits that a full mouth rehabilitation will bring to your smile, it gives you an opportunity to get the smile of your dreams. During your initial consultation, Dr. Kostrzewski will go over your personal goals and discuss a treatment plan that is right for you.

Reasons for a Full Mouth Reconstruction

The need for a full mouth reconstruction may result from:

Tooth loss due to decay or mouth injury
Teeth that have been injured or fractured
Teeth that have become badly worn because of an acidic diet, acid reflux, or tooth-grinding (bruxing)
People who have ongoing jaw, muscle and headache pain who need adjustments to the bite
The above reasons for receiving a full mouth reconstruction can only be verified by a professional and experienced dentist. Dr. Kostrzewski is experienced in blending restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures with a history of giving patients a look that is healthy, functional and natural in appearance.

The Evaluation Process

In the event that you and Dr. Kostrzewski decide a full mouth reconstruction is right for you, the treatments provided will depend on your individual needs. You can expect a thorough evaluation of the following:

Teeth– The teeth are generally the major component that needs to be addressed in a full mouth restoration, so addressing problems such as crowding, trauma, or wear and tear will be taken into consideration.

Gums– If you suffer from periodontal (gum) disease, this will need to be addressed as it can lead to further oral health problems.

Jaw and Bite– A malocclusion (bad bite) may cause pain or effect the alignment of your teeth. This may require the use of braces before additional restorative dentistry procedures can be employed.

Esthetics– A full mouth restoration restores your teeth and mouth to a healthy and functional level but also gives you the opportunity to create a smile that you have always dreamed of. Dr. Kostrzewski will help you design a smile that fits your overall appearance.

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