Team Building

Team Building Seminars
With careful planning, Dr. Kostrzewski has devised a winning team at Comfortable Care Dentistry. In 2003, he was listed as one of New York area’s best cosmetic dentists by New York Magazine; an honor that would not have been possible without such a solid support system as his team. Dr. Kostrzewski has perfected and published the “winning team” formula, and can assist you in designing your own winning team for ultimate success.
In 1996, Dr. Walter Kostrzewski founded Comfortable Care Dentistry in Milford, CT. Dr. Kostrzewski is a “Sustaining” member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). He has been honored to be able to speak at various national meetings. “Dr. K” has written numerous articles featured in journals such as Dental Town, The Crown Council and the Dental Leader. Along with consulting and teaching with major dental manufacturers, dental laboratories and his peers, Dr. K is currently part of the clinical faculty and teaches with the prestigious Hornbrook Group (A live patient hands-on course that teaches doctors all across the country how to build beautiful smiles on their OWN patients).

In 2003, New York Magazine listed Dr. K as one of the New York area’s best cosmetic dentists. Dr. K is on the advisory board of the continuing education organization “Generation Next” and a founding member of F.A.C.E (Fellowship of Advanced Comprehensive Esthetics). Also known as “Coach K”, Dr. Kostrzewski has a flair for creating passionate teams! In 2000, “Coach K” founded “The Winning Dentist”, a TEAM of consultants to help others develop passionate teams, functional work systems, and provide motivation and congruent marketing. In addition to his numerous published articles, Coach K recently authored a resource manual “Creating Passionate Aesthetic Dental Teams”. This publication is designed to aid Dentists, Office Managers and their counterparts how to create THEIR own winning team!

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The Following Topics are customized based on the profile of the attendees and may include:

Option #1 (Length of program: 2 hours)

Leading and Developing Passionate Dental Teams. A 2-hour overview of Dr. Kostrzewski’s game plan for leading your team to achieve beautiful dentistry in a relaxed, fun work environment.

Option #2 (Length of program: all day)

Hands-on workshop to help develop the dental teams specific vision, goals, action plan, creating your game plan, motivating your team and image building.

We will develop a Mission Statement and vision for the future. The team will create a specific road map for success, including checklists and scorecards. The doctor will learn and develop a series coaching plans to implement constantly improving employees and office systems. Finally, we will institute a reward plan for the team and develop a “drafting” system to continually find new employees as needed.

Option #3 (Length of program: 2 hours)
Marketing: In 1996 Dr. Kostrzewski opened a scratch start practice that saw 100 new patients in its first month of business. This practice has averaged 75 new patients per month for SEVEN years. Dr. Kostrzewski will discuss the “Hook and Glue” system for bringing in and satisfying wonderful new patients. The lecture will cover everything from “Freebies” to Image Marketing.

All options will provide an entertaining and informative lecture and will provide knowledge to all dentists ranging from just out of school, ready to get into business, or seasoned veterans ready to take it to another level.

“Coach K” will help you LEAD and DEVELOP your winning team.

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