Whiter Teeth: Bonnie: Dr. K, Thank you for changing my life for the best. Thank you for my health, and I’ll never stop smiling.

Christine: I never knew by bite could be so perfect!! Thank you for giving me a beautiful smile, they feel and look wonderful!

Brian:Watch out Tom Cruise. Here I come!!!

Soaring Self-Esteem: Suzannah: Dr K , Thanks for the fabulous white smile & straight teeth that receive so many compliments

Anonymous: Adriana has been taking care of my teeth for a long time and is super. Thanks so much for helping me keep my smile looking its best. Keep up the great work! Comfortable Care lives up to its name. So nice to actually look forward to going to the dentist. It’s the best dental experience I’ve ever had!

Anonymous:This was definitely the best experience I’ve had with a dentist. The staff were extremely welcoming and informative which made a potentially very anxious situation much more approachable. I felt comfortable with the information that they provided me with verses overwhelmed. Once in the waiting room, the service was quick, efficient and kind. I will be recommending Comfortable Care Dentistry to others!

Stephanie:I was very impressed with the friendly service everyone in the office provided. For the first time in my life I was comfortable in a dentist’s office. From here on out, I won’t be afraid to make my yearly appointments and actually will look forward to them. I would definitely recommend Dr. K and his staff to anyone and everyone I know.

Sharon: I think Michelle is a wonderful Hygienist. She explains everything and makes sure that you are always comfortable. All of the staff is wonderful!

Belinda:Everyone at your office is very professional, and made me feel like I was a regular patient, not at all like I was the walk-in I was. I would recommend your office to everyone. I look forward to seeing you on 4-30! Thank you again for making me feel so comfortable.

Joseph:First timer. Everyone was very nice, gave a clear explanation of what my problem was and what solutions were available. Good visit.

Muriel:I cannot say enough good about the staff! They are always friendly and caring.

Dave: Cindy, Adriana and the entire staff did an exceptional job. My hygienist had a tough task at hand, but she made it as comfortable as possible and there was no doubt that her caring attitude and concern for me was genuine. I look forward to my next visit with her.

Julissa:“I think you guys are great. I have always had a tremendous fear of dentists and dental offices but this office has done an awesome job making me comfortable. Your office is clean, your staff is courteous, friendly and welcoming.”

Kenneth:“I just wish my family and friends lived closer to Milford! Your group is the best dental office I’ve ever been to.”

Donna:“Your office has been so super patient with me in every aspect. I know I’m the biggest baby ever and I am always greeted with a genuine smile from everyone in the office and I am always treated with kid gloves! You guys are the very best!”

Barbara: “I have to say your staff couldn’t be friendlier. Everyone you come in contact with always greets you and makes you feel very comfortable being there. Michele is great; she has never hurt me like some hygienists have in the past. She makes you feel like a friend, not just a patient. Your staff far exceeds any staff in any of my other doctor’s office in every way. I’m not afraid of going to the dentist anymore because all of you are special in what you do. Thank you All!”

Chris: “I approached yesterday with trepidation and nervous anticipation. The pain I had experienced in the chair the previous #31 cap installation was painful and consequently memorable.
Yesterdays visit was completely the opposite. Sitting in the chair I was quickly comfortable, relaxed and any pain I had was negligible, expected and not worth mentioning. I could not have had a better visit on all accounts. Today I have much less post surgery pain than I was expecting and the pain I do have is almost non existent.

I wanted to just write and tell you what a great visit I had yesterday and thank you and your staff for a great showing. Yesterday was a restorative faith day in the dentist and I could not have had a better experience.

Thanks again for such a positive experience.”

Dolores: “The Lions Club of Milford extends its sincere gratitude to you for your donation to our Annual Ziti Dinner held on February 9, 2008. Our fundraiser was a great success.
Lions International is the service organization in the world, with membership in 200 countries. Our motto is: ‘We Serve’. With your help, we will continue to server and assist people in the community.

We appreciate your generosity and look forward to your continued support in the future.”

Mike:“I just wanted you to know that my experiences with Comfortable Care have been extremely pleasant. Both Dr. K and everyone in the staff are not only professional but also very kind and caring. I recommend your office al the time and will do so for the following years. I am no longer nervous to go to the dentist!”

Kyle: “Every visit is awesome, even if the office looks busy, they make you feel like you are the only patient they are seeing all day. This is the best experience I have ever had with a medical/dental facility.”

Jennifer: “Dr. K,
First I want to THANK YOU. I wish I could thank you a million times, but it still doesn’t seem to be enough.

This opportunity has changed me, changed my life in ways you’ll never know. My self-esteem has soared. All because you gave me the gift of a PERFECT SMILE. Something so many people take for granted.

I promise you, I will never take it for granted.

I know you didn’t have to do this for me, you could have picked someone else. Well, I hope you know, you picked the right person. This act of kindness will never be forgotten, and you better believe I will pay it forward. Anytime you need me for your walk-a-thons or anything, I will be there!

I am in your debt forever.

I can now look forward to every special event with a big smile, instead of hiding my teeth. You gave me my miracle, my dream come true.

Forever thankful,

KT: “I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with dentists. Up until age 18, I went to a dentist that didn’t believe in ANY anesthetics, like novocain and/or gas. All my dental work, including a pulled tooth was done without these; and consequently I have a deep, ingrained fear of dentists I still can’t shake. Also my last dentist’s staff gave no consideration whatsoever to my finances and blew me off every time I asked for help figuring out my financial obligations to them. My experience with Comfortable Care is like a whole new world to me – in the best ways possible. Thank you for treating me like a human being with feelings and normal financial concerns.”

Anonymous: “Dr. K-
There aren’t enough words to even begin to thank you for everything you have done for me.

Linda: “I have a terrible fear of going to the dentist ever since I was a little kid. I was made to feel comfortable when I first came in to the office and all through treatment. Dr. K made me feel not so nervous, and he was quick doing the root canal. Because of the excellent treatment by everyone in the office, I will not be as nervous as I have been in the past when having to visit the dentist. Thank you so much.”

Lillian: “Service was excellent. Dr. K explained my dental plan to me professionally and made feel at ease with the plan of care developed. I now feel that my teeth have hope and will truly be able to have a beautiful smile one day. Service was exceptional from the receptionist, to the dental hygienist to the financial advisor. Thanks for a job well done.”

Marina & Tim: “I think you have a wonderful staff. Michelle is just terrific and everyone is friendly and helpful. It’s rare to find such great customer service and I know that we are well taken care of with you and your staff. We wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!”

Paula: “Knowing that I was petrified, you and your staff did an excellent job in calming my nerves. The service and friendliness of everyone in your office made each appointment a pleasurable one. Only wish I had known about you years ago.”

Kyle: “Once again, another wonderful experience! who knew going to the dentist could be this much fun?’

Mike: “No need to change anything. The staff is great, very friendly and knowledgeable. They make you feel at home every time.”

Muriel: “Your staff was excellent! There is nothing more anyone could possibly do to make a very difficult situation as comfortable as possible.”
Thank you, Muriel”

Anna: “To Dr. K and Awesome crew (Cindy, Adriana, Melissa, Kristen, Lindsay and Michele).. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, prayers, good wishes.and I’m very fortunate to have friends like you. Each day finds me feeling better. I will see you all soon!!!!
Love and Friendship Anna
Thank you,


Anonymous: “Like most people I get stressesd out going to the dentist,but everyone at this office are great at alleviating fears.Everyone is very nice and know their job well. I feel much better about the upcoming procedure and already feel less stressed.”