TMJ Back Pain

Back Pain and the Temporomandibular Joint: Dr. Kostrzewski, Milford, CT
Dealing with Back Pain and Other TMD Side Effects

There are many causes of back pain and some people struggle to pinpoint the cause through an arduous process with doctors. If you haven’t had an injury or other reason that would explain ongoing back pain, one area you might want to investigate is your jaw alignment. TMJ treatments could help you with pain in a number of areas, including: headaches, ear pain, shoulder and back pain, bite problems, and more. TMD symptoms aren’t limited to jaw pain and jaw clicking.

Back Pain, Headaches, Ear Pain, Jaw Pain and Other TMD Symptoms

Our jaw’s alignment, or lack thereof, can cause a variety of problems, including with our nerves. Tension in our jaw could also cause associated tension in our shoulders, neck, and upper to middle back. TMJ disorder can happen for a variety of reasons with varying levels of severity in symptoms and if you have signs or symptoms of jaw alignment issues, it’s advantageous to get assistance. Side effects that have been plaguing you could soon be a thing of the past.

Milford, CT TMD Assistance

If you have back aches, headaches, ear pain, or other pain issues and also have signs of TMD, it’s definitely worthwhile to talk to your dentist about these issues. If you are in the Milford, CT area, we are taking on new patients and Dr. Kostrzewski of Comfortable Care Dentistry in Milford is extremely well-versed in treating TMD.

The NTI-tss device is one avenue Dr. Kostrzewski may explore, after determining whether or not you do, indeed, have TMJ symptoms as well as ascertaining whether or not you are a good candidate for this type of TMD therapy.

Many patients who complain of difficulty sleeping and /or continuous symptoms plaguing their lives see immediate differences. Talk to us at 203-951-3153 today. Your back pain and other TMD symptoms could be a thing of the past. We can help in a number of areas, including TMJ treatment, cosmetic dentistry, non-surgical periodontal treatments, and more.