TMJ Headaches

TMJ Disorder and Migraine Headaches
The NTI-TSS Could Help with Your TMD and Headaches

There are a variety of causes for frequent headaches and this can mean a lengthy process for a doctor trying to help you overcome headaches. Your jaw could be the cause of frequent and painful headaches and if you’re in the Milford, CT area and either have TMD (tempormandibular joint disorder) or suspect you might, headaches are a common side effect of TMD. Headache treatments could come from your dentist. A device called the NTI-TSS, available at Comfortable Care Dentistry, could be the answer.

Dr. Kostrzewski would be happy to assess your symptoms and the condition of your teeth and jaw to help you determine whether or not this TMJ disorder treatment is something you are a good candidate for.

Common and Lesser Known Symptoms of TMD

TMD symptoms most often talked about include jaw clicking or popping as well as pain in the jaw and difficulty with jaw movement at times. But headaches, shoulder and back aches, and ear aches are also side effects that can come from TMJ disorder. TMD sufferers often comment on pain behind the eyes, sensitivity to light, and what they believe are cluster headaches.

A TMJ Consultation Could be the Beginning of the End of TMD Headaches

A consultation with a dentist who is experienced with treating TMJ could help you determine whether or not your headaches may be related to issues with your jaw. Ibuprofen and TMJ exercises can help but there could be a better way to get your jaw in a more ideal position, eliminating painful side effects.

Learn more about TMJ or talk to us about making an appointment with Dr. Walter Kostrzewski in our Milford, CT office for a TMJ consultation. We can be reached at 203-951-3153. We also offer general dentistry, restorative dentistry, and non-surgical periodontal treatment, too.