Tooth Colored Restorations

Tooth-Colored Restorations by Comfortable Care DentistryAs we continually improve our methods to bring you great dentistry products, we enjoy introducing our clients to the latest technologies available to them. Tooth-colored restorations are a newer alternative to silver and amalgam restorations that can be used in the form of dental fillings or dental crowns. They are composed of composite resins that are improvements over silver and amalgam in the areas of durability, color stability, material handling qualities and esthetic properties.
Tooth-colored restorations are bonded to remaining tooth structure, and respond to expanding and contracting when in contact with food and drinks the same way natural teeth do. The material used to restore your tooth is matched to your individual tooth color, so they are virtually undetectable and blend naturally with your existing teeth.

Tooth-colored restorations are comparable to silver and amalgam restorations in their durability, and can even last longer. A small filling may even last a lifetime, and a larger filling may be expected to last about eight or so years. Factors that determine the lifespan of a restoration include the tooth, the size of the filling relative to the tooth, and the regular maintenance of your teeth. A new crown or filling will look natural but also feel just like your existing teeth. After the tooth-colored restoration has been placed you probably will not notice anything different, except for the improved esthetic look and function of your tooth. Another benefit of tooth-colored restorations over silver and amalgam fillings is that you can eat immediately after your procedure.
As a general rule of thumb we use a dental filling to restore a tooth when more than 70% of tooth structure is left to support the new filling. In situations where the restoration fills more than 30% it is then best to support the tooth with a dental crown. A crown will cover your tooth and restore it to its natural form, function, and strength.

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